Charity Dudes

About Us

Charity Dudes

Charity Dudes is a fundraising team made up of Matt Chance and Glenn Thompson

We set Charity Dudes up as we  love to push ourselves to the limits with adventurous challenges and have always been like that. Over the last few years we started to do these challenges for different charities and found that we not only really enjoyed doing these challenges for them but we also got a lot out of raising money for people less fortunate than us that really need our help.

Glenn Thompson is a Sales Director and trainee pilot who when not flying is usually found working out as he has become obsessed with fitness.

Matt Chance is an engineer for a food processing company. Matt spends his free time watching movies or listening to his huge collection of music.

We started off as Team Warrior Kent due to the great work of Dean Grimshawe of Team Warrior but decided in 2012 to go it alone as Charity Dudes.