Charity Dudes


As charity fundraisers we rely purely on the donations and support of kind and generous people to help us raise as much for our chosen charities as we can.

Charity Dudes offers a range of commercial and not-for-profit sponsorship packages that will ensure your organisation’s brand take advantage of the goodwill corporate social responsibility, and helping out the charities will generate in terms of publicity.

All the guys from Charity Dudes would like to thanks all our supporters for all the donations we received for our fundraising activities.  Our raffles are always very popular, mainly due to the fantastic selection of prizes donated, and thus they form a significant part of the fundraising at events.

All proceeds from our fundraising activities go to the charities. Without support from companies like yours the challenges we do would not be as successful at raising the money.

Please see below for some of our sponsors:


Paragon Processing Solutions